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Why Florida Homeowners Need Hurricane Coverage to Cope with Storm Ian Damage


According to experts’ estimates, the damage caused by Hurricane Ian reached tens of billions of dollars. Many predict that it will be the costliest storm that ever hit Florida.


While the government is expected to provide financial aid to those affected, many believe such efforts will not be enough to help the countless people left homeless.


The federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program protects only a small fraction of Florida homeowners. Also, most of them live in coastal areas.


Therefore, there are still many questions about whether everyone needs hurricane coverage to recover from the catastrophic damage caused by the powerful Category 4 storm.


Does the Government Offer Help to Floridians Who Do Not Have Insurance?


Entities such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offer emergency grants to people who suffered material losses due to natural disasters.


However, such grants are limited to less than $40,000, which can only cover costs for temporary hotel housing or basic home repairs.


Florida homeowners will not be able to pay for the total loss of a property with just $40,000.


Moreover, Congress may award funds to the Department of Housing and Urban Development Disaster Recovery grants to help states pay for home reconstruction after natural disasters.


However, this process is often too slow, and homeowners may be able to obtain such grants within several years.


Does Insurance Cover All Damage?


Unfortunately, a basic insurance policy does not cover all damage. According to the Orlando Sentinel, homeowners insurance only covers water damage when heavy rains from hurricanes push water onto buildings.


In other words, homeowner insurance does not cover damage from storm surges or water that can enter properties from below. Instead, it is covered by flood insurance.


However, according to the Insurance Information Institute, only 13% of Florida homeowners have flood insurance.


Property owners who have not purchased flood insurance policies must pay for the costly repairs or renovations themselves.


Final Thoughts


While the government provides federal disaster aid to help homeowners repair or renovate their properties after a natural disaster like Hurricane Ian, Floridians may need more money to rebuild their houses.


In addition, many do not have enough coverage to pay for damage caused by flooding, storm surge, or extreme winds. Therefore, in an area prone to being hit by powerful storms like Florida, homeowners often need much more than authorities’ support and basic insurance.


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